Contact us:

Phone: 864-427-2411

Fax: 864-429-2975


Call 441-0066

Union County's Radio Station

Schedule for today:

6-9 a.m.--Union County's Morning Show with Daniel Prince

9-10 a.m.—Union Pennzoil Kwik Lube Hour--music, interviews, talk

10-10:45 a.m.—Union County's Morning Show with Daniel Prince

10:45-11 a.m.--Swap N Shop

11-noon—The Gospel Show with Daniel Prince

12-12:30 p.m.--Noon Report with Mike Stevens

12:10 p.m. first pitch--Atlanta Braves Baseball--Miami Marlins at Atlanta (will join in progress after noon report)

1-3 p.m. tomorrow--The Clark Howard Show--Call 1-877-872-5275

After the game-5 p.m.--Today's best country and some hits from yesterday

5-5:30 p.m.--Union Pennzoil Kwik Lube Top 5 at 5

5:30-6 p.m.--5:00 News Report

6-8 p.m.--SC Sports Talk

8 p.m.-6 a.m.--Today's best country and some hits from yesterday



Charles Gregory is our Wednesday Birthday winner!





Community Calendar

Call us, send an email to, fax at 864-429-2975, or bring your announcement by our East Main Street studios to have your event on our calendar!


Click here for the complete PDF "Hot Jobs" file.


Relay for Life activities

Meeting dates:
All meetings are held on Tuesdays at Tabernacle Baptist Church Family Life Center at 6:30 pm.
April 15
May 9th ~Relay For Life Event starts at 7pm at Union County Fairgrounds. Survivor reception starts at 6pm

Upcoming or Ongoing Fundraisers:

Date of Fundraiser


Relay Team Name

Contact Info

April 19

Yard Sale & Fish Sandwich Sale

8am @ Union County Stadium

Corinth Baptist

Sallie Bowser


April / TBA

Sunday Meal

Bethel UMC

Cindy Whitehead



Drawing ( May 12th)

1st/ 50% ticket sales

2nd/ Free 45 minute massage

3rd / One month Free Fitness

Austin Rehab

Mandy or Elizabeth



Hunting for a Cure T shirts (Camo)

Sims Middle School

Jordan Bright 864-429-1755


Long Sleeve T shirts $12

Austin Rehab

Mandy or Elizabeth



Toilet Seat Fundraiser at UCHS & Buffalo Elementary

UC Youth Leadership

Leticia Wages

Denise Eubanks


Carolina Cure & Finish the Fight T shirt Fundraiser

ALL Relay Teams

Beth Lancaster 864-426-3438

Mom, do you worry about sending your child off to school? Experience
the joy of replacing your anxiety and fear with peace and hope by praying
with other ladies. Join the worldwide prayer movement Moms in Prayer
International, bringing mothers and other ladies together to change the
lives of children and schools through prayer. We have a local group that
meets at Bethel Methodist Church each Tuesday morning from 10:00-11:00.
For more information contact Kathleen Read, 427-2660. For more
information about Moms in Prayer International, visit


Library Hours

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Saturday – 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

By Ben Loftis, Director

The influence of computers and smartphones has greatly changed the vocabulary of many Americans by introducing terms such as blog, high definition, and streaming video.  One new term related to technology you may not be familiar with is MOOC, an acronym for Massive Open Online Course.  MOOCs are especially common in the academic world, with many colleges and universities offering online classes to hundreds or thousands of students.  MOOCs developed from the concept of distance learning, a field which has used online courses for quite a while (video lectures and correspondence courses pre-dated online courses in the realm of distance education).  These courses became so common that the Oxford English Dictionary added the term “MOOC” to its listings in August of 2013 and the New York Times deemed 2012 the “Year of the MOOC.”

Outside the realm of academia, discussion of MOOCs is not nearly as common.  Still, they do serve as an opportunity for the average person to take a class that is of interest, possibly experiencing a college setting for the first time or learning from a professor they otherwise would have had no opportunity to hear.  A variety of companies and websites offer on-line classes in a variety of formats- some are free, some are not; some offer some form of credit or a certificate for completion, others do not.  Several major providers of MOOCs include Coursera, Udacity, and EdX (of those, only EdX is a not-for-profit).  Also, popular is Khan Academy, a site offering short mini-lectures as well as a “gamification of learning” concept in which badges are awarded for completion of various courses or tasks.

Another free website (and one linked from the Digital Resources page at is the OpenCourseWare Consortium.  OpenCourseWare refers to MOOCs created by universities and offered free to the public.  The OpenCourseWare Consortium brings together a variety of these colleges and universities’ free online courses to make them available to the public in one convenient website.  Among the universities represented are MIT, the University of Notre Dame, Tufts University, and the University of Michigan, as well as other well-respected institutions worldwide.

A variety of other universities in the United States also offer free online classes, including Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard.  These universities’ online offerings can be found online, and Wikipedia (though not typically a scholarly source itself) also offers information on other schools and providers of online classes.

Upcoming events:

The Library will be closed Good Friday, April 18, 2014 and closed April 21, 2014 for a Staff work day.

The Library will be open Saturday, April 19th.


FOL Book Sale/Donation acceptance

The Friends of the Library will be accepting book donations, April 24th from 4 – 8 p.m.

They will have a book sale and accept book donations on:

May 1, 2014         Thursday               10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

May 2, 2014         Friday                    10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

May 3, 2014         Saturday                               10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

All will be at the Lions Club Bldg., 134 E. Main St.


Preschool Storytime: Tuesday Mornings

Ages – Birth – 5

Time: 10:00 am

Contact: 864-427-7140, ext. 302                   

April 22nd—Earth Day

April 29th—Pajama Story time 


New Books

There are no new books this week

Wanted- Volunteer Drivers

 Union County Meals on Wheels

Consider delivering lunch one day each week to homebound neighbors

Meals are picked up at Wallace Thomson Hospital

Delivery usually takes 30 minutes

Call Mickey Cranford at 427-2127 or 466-2248 for more information

Thursday Nite Delight

From The Inn at Merridun    427-7052

Note:  Prices include 6% sales tax and a 1% Union County Hospitality tax.

CALL 427-7052



Thursday Nite Delight

From The Inn at Merridun    427-7052

Here’s How it Works:


1.  We plan the menus and send them to you.

2.  You call to place your order by Noon on the Tuesday before you want "Merridun to Go".

3.  We cook the food and box it to go for you.  The meal will include: Main Entree, Appropriate Starch(es) & Vegetable(s), Bread and a Dessert from the kitchens of Merridun!  We will also provide warming instructions.

4.  You pick it up the meal(s) at The Inn at Merridun on the date wanted, between the hours of 5-6:30 PM.

5.  Orders not picked up as ordered will be billed.

Payment is by check or cash.

Prices vary per menu;

Sales & Hospitality taxes are included.

The Inn at Merridun

Union, SC 29379


How this service might work for you!


  • Feed the kids early and set the table for a late romantic dinner for just 2.
  • Invite friends in for an evening of Scrabble, Monopoly or cards or movie -- Dutch Treat.
  • Invite friends/family for dinner - your treat -  very few dishes to wash.
  • After work or volunteer meetings - pick up meals and no one has to cook or do dishes.
  • Give a gift certificate to new parents, new neighbors, new bride/groom, as a Get Well gift, for Mother's Day, etc.
  • An opportunity to try new foods and also enjoy old favorites.

Thursday Nite Delight

From The Inn at Merridun    427-7052

Note:  Prices include SC sales tax and  Union County & City of Union Hospitality taxes.




April 2014 Menus


24 Apr - Buena Vista Chicken - $12.75

This favorite has caramelized mushrooms, onions, bacon, provolone cheese and ”sweetened” with a little Marsala  Wine sauce.


May 2014 Menus


01 May – Key Lime Chicken  -$ 12.50

OK—one last time for 2013. One of Merridun’s most requested recipes! 

 It’s marinated in Key Lime Juice with fresh garlic & ginger.  Sautéed, then baked.

Our biggest seller for take-out .


08 May –   Moroccan Salmon Cakes - $12.50  Flaked grilled salmon mixed with spinach, North African seasonings and couscous to make tender, mouth watering "cakes" - with a garlic-cilantro mayonnaise on the side.


15 May – – Stuffed Chicken W/Walnut Sauce - $12.75  Chicken breasts with our great spinach, ricotta and mozzarella stuffing.  Topped with that creamy walnut- basil sauce.  Yumm!



22 May – – Pork Piccata - $12.50

Thin slices of pork lightly simmered in a sauce of lemons, capers and garlic



29 May - Chicken Pomodoro $12.75

 Pomodoro – Italian for tomatoes – this chicken is sautéed, then topped with a rich lemon, onion, spinach, and cherry  tomato sauce.  Served with garlic spaghetti.  This one of my new favorites!


427-7052  Peggy



Union County Humane Society


Our Focus - Supply Side

Love your pets by spaying (female) or neutering (male) to make them:

1. Healthier

2. Less distracted

3. Easier to train and

4. A lot better pet

Low-cost surgeries in Union at Triangle Vet Clinic every Tuesday through Union County Humane Society.

Call us first to pre-register at (864) 427-6423 or (864) 427-1594 and reserve your appointment on the phone before you arrive to sign the release form and prepay.

Everyone can make a difference!

Cruelty to animals begins when you allow unwanted litters of dogs and cats to be born with very little hope of a permanent home. Please don’t continue to make pet overpopulation a major tragic problem in Union and our State.

Union County Chamber of Commerce

135 West Main Street

Union, SC 29379

864.427.9039 · 877.202.8755 · Fax: 864.427.9030


       This is to let you know about a new Community Calendar where you can find out what is happening in Union and post your events free of charge.  Simply go to and click on Community Calendar or Upcoming Events.

       You will see a month at a glance on the Community Calendar page and a chronological listing on the Upcoming Events page.

       You can cross reference dates and make sure your event doesn’t conflict with others already scheduled.
  You can look at the previous months and year to see how events were scheduled in the past.
  This is a great tool for you to use when planning for the coming year.

       We are contacting you and hundreds of others in Union County who place their events on calendars at the Art Council, Clemson Extension, The Chamber, Union County Schools, WBCU, The Union Daily Times and other places.

       The Chamber Community Calendar is not to take the place of the others but to provide a central location where all events can merge.

       There are three ways for you and your organization to put an event on the Community Calendar.

1.       Go to and at the bottom of the home page you will see Community Calendar Submission
  Click Here .
   Once you click on it, it will take you to a window where you simply fill-in the blank.

2.       E-mail the chamber at Attach any flyers or photos you want added to your contact information.

3.       Come by the Chamber office at 135 West Main Street or Call


Torance Inman

Torance Inman, Executive Director

Union County Chamber of Commerce


Mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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