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Josh and Miranda Mullinax are our Tuesday anniversary winners! Happy 4th anniversary!

Our anniversary prize is back! Call in your anniversary to 427-2411 and be entered to win dinner for two at Buffalo Seafood House. They will give you two chicken strip plates with drinks!








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Greetings 4-H’ers, Family, and Friends!


We hope that this email finds you all well. These times have caused us to make changes in our daily routines and limit our social contact. Unfortunately, this has affected us all, including our 4-H family. However, at the Union County 4-H Office, we have been working on creative ideas to stay in touch.


There are several ways to stay connected to Union County 4-H. We already send out a monthly email, so those will continue. We have been making Facebook posts and created videos with activities. These have helped take the place of the regular club meetings for now, and there will be more to come. So, if you haven’t already liked us on Facebook, please like us now and view the videos and posts. There’s also another opportunity to incorporate 4-H into your daily routine. It is called 4-H @ Home. This venue provides daily lessons and activities sent via email. 


Some of you may be wondering about the 4-H projects you have already registered for, like the 4-H Pullet Project and the 4-H Small Garden Project. These projects are still on go! These are individual projects that take place at your home. They do not require club meetings and social distancing can be practiced while participating. Information will be sent out, as needed, to those that are registered. For the pullet project participants, information will be sent out in the very near future, about what you need to do to prepare for your new chicks. They are scheduled to arrive between May 6-8, 2020. So please stay tuned for that.


As always, we are here for you. The office remains closed to the public until further notice, but our staff is still working regular hours. If you have 4-H questions you can contact our office by phone (864-427-6259) or email (


Stay safe and well,

Mark Cathcart

Union County 4-H

4-H and Dutch Oven Cooking

by Mark Cathcart, Union Co. 4-H Agent

Union County 4-H is still hard at work even with the new work restrictions.  Clemson Extension, because of the COVID-19 virus, has temporarily suspended all meetings, including 4-H club meetings.  That has not stopped the Union County Extension Office from staying in contact with our 4-H members and community.  With the use of Facebook, educational programming has continued. 

            In the past, Facebook has proven to be a good way to convey information about club meetings and changes in schedules.  We are now using it in place of club meetings and regular programming. 

            Recently we have posted videos on paper rockets, starting seeds, aging trees, fishing, and others.  One of our more successful videos was cooking Chicken Pot Pie, Dutch Oven Style.  This video was made with the help of Mark Cathcart, Union County 4-H Agent, Carol Hamilton, Spartanburg County 4-H Agent, two Union County 4-H’ers, and Rocky the Rooster, aka Jeff Fellers.  Rocky, of course, is Union County Agricultural Fair’s mascot.  This post was made for Union 4-H Baking Buddies Club but has had a far-reaching effect.  With over 3500 views from as far away as Alaska, and still rising, Union County Extension is making its mark on the virtual world.  All posted videos can be viewed by visiting “Union County SC 4-H” Facebook page. 

Another great 4-H resource is 4-@Home that is being hosted by SC 4-H, Midlands Region.  This is a free daily lesson/activity emailed each day.  4-H@Home is being utilized in all 46 counties in SC, 45 states, and 7 countries.  To register for this opportunity visit, “”

Recipe provided by Carol Hamilton, Spartanburg County 4-H Agent

Chicken Pot Pie Dutch Oven Recipe

         2 (15 ounce) cans vegetables of your choice (corn, peas, mixed veggies)

·        3 (10.75 ounce) can cream of chicken soup

         2 (12.5 ounce) can cooked chicken breasts

       1 (10 ounce) can refrigerated biscuit dough

Combine vegetables, cream of chicken and chicken breast in Dutch oven. Arrange biscuit dough on top of the vegetables and chicken mixture. Place Dutch oven lid on top and place on bed of hot campfire coals. Carefully arrange coals on top of the Dutch oven lid. Heat until biscuits are cooked, approximately 45 minutes.


The Main Street merchants would Like to invite you to join your classmates in a stroll down Main Street. The theme for this event will be “Celebrate Seniors”. We will begin at the Veterans monument at the corner of North Mountain and Main Street. We ask that you walk 2 by 2 and keep two sidewalk blocks between the next two graduates due to the governor's social distancing order. The walk will begin at 4 p.m. Friday, May 22, and you are welcome to wear cap and gown or whatever you choose. Since some family members will not be able join you for graduation, we felt like this would be something special for them and we can support you in this way. We encourage your friends and family to come and support you as you travel down one side of the street and they remain on the other. The walk will continue down Main Street to the Union County Courthouse. We also encourage balloons, signs, banners and any other recognition they would like. We want you to know we care as Downtown Union merchants and we support you during this time. We know you worked hard for all of your accomplishments and therefore we are doing a “Celebrate Senior” discount of 10% at each participating merchant. We are so proud of you all and congratulations to you all. We look forward to seeing you walk. Congratulations!

The Union County Museum will reopen on Monday June 1st at 10:00 AM. We will be working on any requests that you have submitted to us via email, FB messenger, or by mail.
We will adhere to state guidelines regarding social distancing and face masks. Any questions, please call us at 429-5081.

Union County Library System

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Thursday Nite Delight

From The Inn at Merridun    427-7052

Note:  Prices include 6% sales tax and a 1% Union County Hospitality tax.

CALL 427-7052



Thursday Nite Delight

From The Inn at Merridun    427-7052

Here’s How it Works:


1.  We plan the menus and send them to you.

2.  You call to place your order by Noon on the Tuesday before you want "Merridun to Go".

3.  We cook the food and box it to go for you.  The meal will include: Main Entree, Appropriate Starch(es) & Vegetable(s), Bread and a Dessert from the kitchens of Merridun!  We will also provide warming instructions.

4.  You pick it up the meal(s) at The Inn at Merridun on the date wanted, between the hours of 5-6:30 PM.

5.  Orders not picked up as ordered will be billed.

Payment is by check or cash.

Prices vary per menu;

Sales & Hospitality taxes are included.

The Inn at Merridun

Union, SC 29379


How this service might work for you!


  • Feed the kids early and set the table for a late romantic dinner for just 2.
  • Invite friends in for an evening of Scrabble, Monopoly or cards or movie -- Dutch Treat.
  • Invite friends/family for dinner - your treat -  very few dishes to wash.
  • After work or volunteer meetings - pick up meals and no one has to cook or do dishes.
  • Give a gift certificate to new parents, new neighbors, new bride/groom, as a Get Well gift, for Mother's Day, etc.
  • An opportunity to try new foods and also enjoy old favorites.

Thursday Nite Delight

From The Inn at Merridun    427-7052

Note:  Prices include SC sales tax and  Union County & City of Union Hospitality taxes.







March 2020 Menus



19 Mar - No service


26 Mar - No service


From the kitchens of Merridun

March 2020 Extras



19 Mar - No service


26 Mar - No service




CALL 427-7052




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