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Al Bowie is our Wednesday birthday winner!

Kenneth and Jasmine Gregory are our Tuesday anniversary winners!






School News


January 14, 2019

Steve Swinburne Visits FPES

On Thursday, January 10, 2019, popular children’s author Steve Swinburne visited Foster Park Elementary School. The visit began with a special breakfast with the FPES Student Council. The Student Council enjoyed this special time with Mr. Swinburne. Following the breakfast, the entire school had the privilege of meeting Mr. Swinburne in an assembly. One assembly was for K-2nd, and another one was for 3rd-5th. Mr. Swinburne’s presentation was a very energetic presentation where he used his photos to share his travels and where the inspiration for his books came from. He encouraged all students to use their everyday experiences to spark story ideas. He also encouraged them to write different genres. He shared his passion for nature and animals. He loves to research and then use that research in his nonfiction books. He shared several stories about how his books didn’t always get published on the first try. He mentioned one book went 15 years and another book went 37 years before they were finally published. He really stressed the importance of never giving up. He also used music in his presentation by singing and playing the ukulele. The students were engaged and really seemed to enjoy meeting Mr. Swinburne. After the assemblies, the EMERGE students were treated to a writing workshop with Mr. Swinburne in the library. There, they learned about the importance of adding many details to their writing to make it more interesting. They practiced their writing skills as he helped them improve their writing craft. Finally, the visit ended with Mr. Swinburne autographing books that students purchased. Steve Swinburne’s Visit was definitely a day that Foster Park’s students (and staff) will remember for a long time. To learn more about Steve Swinburne, visit his website:

January 14, 2019

December Students of the Month

The following students have been recognized as Foster Park Elementary School Students of the Month for December. Each month, the classroom teachers select a student from their classes who represents the qualities the school strives to develop in their students.

Ben Saxon, Rosalie Justice, Tranya McCray, Rodney Brandon, Daniel Lee, Jaxon Revis, Justice Smith, Alainee Greene, Terrianna Spencer, Aiden Nance, Ka’Nyla Salter, Hunter Gill, Gabriel Tyler, Tylen Inman, Zorhiana Jeter, Destiny Hames, Mason Smith, Ta'Nyla Thompson-Smith, Isabella Smith, McKenna Smith, Maci Sprouse, and Liana Colson.

January 11, 2019

Author Steve Swinburne Visits Buffalo Elementary

On Thursday, December 13th, Buffalo Elementary had the honor of hosting children's book author, Steve Swinburne. Mr. Swinburne joined BES students in the cafeteria to share many laughs, inspirations for some of his books, his process for writing a story, and elements that make for great writing. He also read the students excerpts from a few of his books, like Alligators Make the BEST Moms and Safe in the Storm. Mr. Swinburne ended the presentation by singing his original song "One in a Thousand", while playing the ukulele. BES students and teachers enjoyed this special visit by Mr. Steve Swinburne!

January 11, 2019

Writing Session with Author Steve Swinburne at BES

While visiting Buffalo Elementary School to promote reading and writing school-wide and share his experiences being an author, Mr. Steve Swinburne led a special writing session with students. He provided students with strategies and tips for how to improve their writing. He demonstrated examples of how writing can be improved by adding lots of details. He gave students an opportunity to put the strategies to work, talked with students individually about their writing, and had students share their work with the group.

January 11, 2019

Author Melinda Long Visits BES

Buffalo Elementary had the honor of hosting children's book author Melinda Long in December. During Ms. Long's presentation to students and parents, she shared her experiences as an author. She also promoted reading and writing to all students in kindergarten-5th grades. She also led a parenting session later that evening at a Title I family night event to share the importance of reading and writing. She provided tips to parents on how to encourage and promote reading and writing at home.

January 11, 2019

Celebration at BES

Fortnite characters were recently brought to life at Buffalo Elementary School! Students were thrilled to see their favorite Fortnite video game characters dancing on stage before Christmas Break. Students joined in the fun with a sing-along and a special Buffalo Elementary version of the 12 Days of Christmas!

January 11, 2019

BES Elects Student Council

Congratulations to the newly elected 2018-2019 Student Council Members at Buffalo Elementary School!  Students in 3rd-5th grades who were interested in running for student council ran campaigns to persuade students to vote for them.  Fifth grade students who were running for student council officer positions were required to write speeches and meet with Mr. Pendergrass to prepare their presentations and speeches.  Finally, the day to deliver their speeches arrived! Fifth grade students presented their speeches over the morning announcements for the entire school to hear and the voting began!

Congratulations to the following members of Buffalo Elementary School's 2018-2019 Student Council:
Student Council Officers: Shelby Gilbert (President), Kaitlyn Lawson (Vice-President) and Daniella Ponce (Secretary)

3rd Grade Class Representatives:  Anna Grace Lee (Wicker), Cole Haney (Wicker), Jasper Shropshire (Austin), King Henderson (Mata), Maliq Walker (Mata), Madison Maness (Abee), Bryson Scarborough (Abee) and Matthew Judy (Earle)

4th Grade Class Representatives: Zyra Rogers (Simmons), Peyton James (Simmons), Taylor Wells (Lyles), Alianna Twing (Lyles), Kingston Shippy (Lawson), Corey Millwood (Lawson), Kaden Malpass (Lawson), Sam Murphy (Jackson), and Aryah Johnson (Jackson)

5th Grade Class Representatives: Araina Duncan (Petty), Anna Eller (Caviness), Kennedy Ferguson (Nix),  Jaelyn Porter (Wilbanks), Markevious Brock (Hines), and Brianna Gray (Hines)

January 11, 2019

Local Student Makes President’s List at Presbyterian College

Presbyterian College is proud to recognize Ms. Courtney Makayla Berry, a senior elementary education major from Union, for making the President’s List during the Fall 2018 semester. The President’s List is composed of students who earn a 4.0 grade point average.


January 11, 2019

Local Students Make Dean’s List at Presbyterian College

The Dean’s List at Presbyterian College is composed of students who have earned between a 3.3 and a 3.9 grade point average. PC is proud of the following students for making the Dean’s List during the Fall 2018 semester:


       Mr. Blake Jackson Berry, of Union

       Mr. Grayson Edward Fallaw, of Union

       Ms. Tamara Monae Gilliam, of Union

       Ms. Caitlin Nichole Grant, of Union

       Ms. Meagan Lorraine Hart, of Jonesville

       Ms. Payton Reilly Martin, of Union

       Ms. Hannah Nicole Morris, of Buffalo

       Ms. Katelyn Brianna Petty, of Union

       Ms. Sarah Evans Shetley, of Union

       Ms. Caitlin Ivey Smith, of Union


Presbyterian College is between Columbia and Greenville, S.C., in the college town of Clinton, S.C. At PC, we’re noted as much for our challenging academics as we are for our one-of-a-kind mascot: the Blue Hose. Our students are one-of-a-kind too: They bring their own interests and abilities to campus and pursue them with gusto. Students customize their education by choosing from 50-plus majors and pre-professional programs. They’re taught and mentored by a faculty whose #1 priority is their students’ success. Students research, intern, and study abroad. And they get involved on campus, a place defined by honor and ethics. PC prepares students to be fulfilled personally and professionally so they can contribute to today’s global society. For more information about Presbyterian College, visit

January 10, 2019

Foster Park Elementary School Spelling Bee

Each 3rd-5th grade class at Foster Park Elementary School held its class Spelling Bee before Christmas break. Class winners were:


3rd Grade

Damian Betterton – Mrs. Robinson’s Class

Destiny Hames – Mrs. Ivey’s Class

Ryder Fallen – Mrs. Roark’s Class

Dominic McMahon – Mrs. Candler’s Class


4th Grade

Ben Balkum – Mrs. Willard’s Class

Jordan Haydock – Mrs. Wells’ Class

Chloe Bailey – Mrs. Palmer’s Class


5th Grade

Caleb Willard – Mrs. Hughes’ Class

Trevor Davis – Mrs. Inman’s Class

Curtis Hames – Mrs. Owens’ Class


The class winners advanced to the school Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. The Spelling Bee Champion was Ben Balkum. The first runner-up was Caleb Willard and the second runner-up was Ryder Fallen.

January 10, 2019

Learning to Save Lives

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Foster Park Elementary School were privileged to learn about CPR. Lorraine Calwile, MSN, RN, CCRN, American Heart Association Training Center Coordinator, with the help of five assistants, from Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, administered hands-on CPR Training. Students learned the meaning of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and watched a demonstration of how to administer CPR in an emergency situation. Afterward, students worked in pairs to put their new life-saving knowledge to practice by performing CPR on mannequins. In addition, students learned how to perform the Heimlich maneuver if someone was choking. Their homework was to teach an adult at home what CPR stands for and how to perform CPR. This was such an informative and engaging presentation that could possibly help save a life one day.

January 10, 2019

Principal’s Read Aloud

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, the students at Foster Park Elementary School were treated to a read aloud by their Principal, Mr. Koepke. He read aloud a Christmas favorite, the Polar Express. After the read aloud, they enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies. This is always such a favorite holiday tradition at Foster Park!

January 10, 2019

Polar Express Day

The third graders at Foster Park Elementary School climbed aboard the “Polar Express” on Tuesday, December 18, 2018. The day began with a Polar Express word search. Students were given five Polar Express themed writing choices during writing time. Next, they “traveled” to other third grade classrooms to participate in a Polar Express themed activity. At each stop, they got their Polar Express ticket punched. In Mrs. Ivey’s room, they enjoyed a read aloud of the Polar Express while enjoying hot chocolate. In Mrs. Candler’s room, they completed “hot chocolate math” to review their multiplication facts. In Mrs. Robinson’s room, students made an Edible Train “snazzy snack.” In Mrs. Roark’s room, they used their engineering skills to create a new sleigh for Santa. When they finally made it back “home,” they turned in their ticket and received their silver bell necklace and completed their Polar Express Day reflection. This was certainly a day of fun, but most importantly, it was a day of hands-on learning!

January 9, 2019

Elf Trap

During the holiday season, Mrs. Holcombe’s 2nd grade class at Foster Park Elementary School read the book How to Catch an Elf. After reading the book, her students were allowed to work in groups and use items around their classroom to build an elf trap of their own. This was a fun way to integrate literacy with science/STEM by practicing their engineering skills while celebrating the holidays!

January 9, 2019

BES Students Participate in "Book Tasting"

Mrs. Caviness' fifth grade class participated in a special treat recently. New books were purchased for her classroom library, and students were given time to preview or "taste" the books. The purpose of this special book tasting opportunity was to promote reading and encourage students to check out the new books available to them. Mrs. Caviness transformed the library into a dining area complete with tablecloths and candlelight to take this to the next level. She is seen here serving up books for her students.

January 9, 2019

Christmas at Foster Park

Christmas was definitely celebrated at Foster Park Elementary School this year. The Christmas spirit was evident everywhere you looked. The hallways were decorated with lots of Christmas trees that were decorated by grade level teachers. There was instrumental Christmas music playing in the hallways. There were lots of Christmas themed lessons and activities going on inside the classrooms.


On Tuesday, December 18th, FPES held its second annual Old Timey Christmas. This is such a special night where families come out and enjoy many Christmas festivities. There was Christmas cookie decorating, gingerbread house building, hot chocolate, popcorn, inflatable slide, musical entertainment, and of course, pictures with Santa. Everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves while getting into the Christmas spirit.


On Thursday, December 20th, the faculty, staff, and students had a blast at the annual Christmas Sing-A-Long. During this event, Principal Mr. Koepke and Music Teacher, Mr. Kiser performed a unique version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and some laughed until they cried. Following that unforgettable performance, the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year was announced. Next, the Save the Children & 21st Century After School Program students presented their program they’d been working so hard on. To conclude this special event, a special appearance was made by the FPES Dancing Grannies from the Foster Park Retirement Home. They participated in a dance off to some of the latest hits. The faculty, staff, and students all enjoyed this fun time so much.

Christmas 2018 was definitely a magical time at Foster Park Elementary School. One that the school’s faculty, staff, and students are sure to remember for many years to come. Plans are already being made to top this year’s Christmas in 2019. Stay tuned …..

January 9, 2019

Learning how to divide at BES


It's "Snow Secret....we're learning division!"  Ms. Lyles' 4th grade class is learning how to divide and ways to represent division. Students created visuals to help them understand the concept of what dividing really means.

January 9, 2019

BES Promotes Students' Writing

All around Buffalo Elementary School, you will find bulletin boards promoting and recognizing students' writing up and down each hallway. Reading and Writing Workshop are a daily part of each classroom. By practicing these skills every day, students become stronger, more proficient readers and writers.

January 9, 2019

BES Students Go Shopping at the Holiday Shop

Mrs. Sanders' second grade class visited the BES Holiday Shop getting ready for the holidays.  All students at Buffalo Elementary were able to buy presents for their family and friends.  Our PTA President, Ms. Cathey Parker and other parent volunteers helped students select and wrap gifts to take home for the holidays. The countless hours and effort put into the holiday shop by our PTA officers and parent volunteers helped to make this holiday season extra special for all students at Buffalo Elementary!

January 9, 2019

Celebrating Awesome Behavior at BES

Buffalo Elementary School students were awarded snow cones and five Buffalo Blast Bucks for earning all 5 good behavior points every day for the entire quarter. Great job boys and girls!

January 9, 2019

BES Teachers Make Special Deliveries!

Buffalo Elementary School teachers delivered hot cocoa and cookies to classes as students watched The Polar Express on December 20. BES students have been demonstrating generosity and experiencing the gift of giving to others by collecting items for the local nursing homes in their Polar Express train. Kindergarten teachers made a special delivery of the donated items to the local nursing homes before Christmas break.


January 9, 2019

BES Jingle Bell Lounge

Music students at Buffalo Elementary School cheered in the holidays with an open mic night activity. Students told holiday jokes and sang Christmas Karaoke at the “Jingle Bell Lounge” with their music teacher, Mrs. Heather Barnado. 


December 3, 2018

Thanksgiving Feast


Each 5K class at Foster Park Elementary School did an inquiry unit about the First Thanksgiving. After learning all about the First Thanksgiving, they decided that they should all get together for a Thanksgiving Feast of their own. They researched the foods of the First Thanksgiving and tried to replicate that feast as closely as possible. Students wore their handmade costumes and were dressed as turkeys, Pilgrims, and Native Americans. Everyone learned so much about the First Thanksgiving and had a great time at their Thanksgiving Feast! What a great way to learn and make memories at the same time!


Wacky Wednesdays


The last Wednesday of each month has quickly become one of Foster Park Elementary School students’ favorite days. These days have become known as Wacky Wednesdays. On Wacky Wednesday, the Kona Ice Truck visits FPES. Students are allowed to purchase Kona Ice and/or Kona Kocoa during their recess times. This is an ongoing FUNdraiser for FPES. Kona Ice graciously gives back a portion of the sales to the school. Wacky Wednesdays have certainly been a great addition to FPES this year. To find out more, visit

Golden Apple Award


On November 5, 2018, Foster Park Elementary School had very special visitors. News Channel 4 visited to interview and film a news segment highlighting their 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Amy Hughes. Mrs. Hughes was the winner of the Golden Apple Award. What a prestigious accomplishment for Mrs. Hughes. Foster Park Elementary School is very proud to have Mrs. Hughes as a part of their faculty. The news segment aired on November 15, 2018 and can be found at (All photos borrowed from this website.)

November 19, 2018

BES Red Ribbon Week

Buffalo Elementary School recognized and celebrated Red Ribbon Week in October. Guest speakers from the Union County Sheriff's Office and the Union County Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse visited with classes at BES to share important information and reminders of the dangers of using drugs. Themed dress up days were held each day during Red Ribbon Week to teach and remind students of the importance of saying no to drugs.

BES Students of the Month for October

At Buffalo Elementary School, October's character trait of the month was RESPECT. Students were rewarded with an ice cream celebration for their outstanding character! The following students were recognized as Students of the Month:
Kindergarten - Madison Wilson, Anaya Miller, Landyn Tucker, and Makiyan Renwick
1st Grade - Aden Rice, Kinden James, Jayden Sanders, Hunter Jennings, and Isabella Beahrs (not pictured)
2nd Grade - Brentley Ogg,  Addison Rooth, Lucy Pridemore, Kindall Thomas, and Marion Grayson (not pictured)
3rd Grade - Zy'Quez Tucker, Gabriel Inman, Ty'Kira Salter, Xavier Burnett,  Ja'Cobi Tucker, and Jemorah Stinson (not pictured)
4th Grade -Will Reeves, Jasmine Hogan, Tamia Vaughn, Lucas Haney, and Carl Sepheus
5th Grade - DeShon Smith, Shelby Gilbert, Anna Eller, and Landon Johnson

November 14, 2018

BES Teacher of the Month    

Stephanie Wicker is Buffalo Elementary School’s October Teacher of the Month. Stephanie has taught at BES for nineteen years. She is a graduate of Clemson University and Converse College. She received National Board Certification in 2009. Stephanie serves on many committees at BES and she is the yearbook editor. She is also a member of Delta Kappa Gamma.  Her hobbies are boating, hunting, cooking, reading, and watching Clemson football. She lives in Whitmire with her husband Zeb and her fur babies, Atz and Tabitha. She is a lifelong member of Whitmire Presbyterian Church. Although not a Union native, Stephanie says, “I feel like I have become a part of my school community by getting to know and working with families and watching students learn and grow. I truly feel led by God to be here.” BES is proud to announce its October Teacher of the Month, Stephanie Wicker.



November 12, 2018

Literacy Stations at BES

Ms. Black’s first graders are working hard on learning sight words. During literacy stations, they are engaged in reading activities to increase their sight word knowledge. They love learning their sight words through games, writing, and searching for the words in books.



5k classes from Buffalo Elementary School enjoyed their time at the Union County Agricultural Fair on October 18, 2018.

November 9, 2018

Foster Park Drama Team Presents Little Red Riding Hood


The Foster Park Elementary School Drama Team has been working hard this semester to prepare for their fall drama production. Under the direction of Mrs. Amy Truitt, Art Teacher and Mr. Christian Kiser, Music Teacher, the FPES Drama Team consists of 4th and 5th grade students. On Thursday, November 8, 2018, with the help of The Baillie Players from the Inman Theatre, they showcased their talent in their production Little Red Riding Hood. They performed at 1:00pm for the school and again at 6:30pm for their family, friends, and community. FPES is blessed with so many talented students.

Foster Park Elects New Student Council


Foster Park Elementary School has recently elected its new 2018-2019 Student Council. Each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class elected a Class Representative to be a spokesperson for their class on the council. Also, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders elected the Officers to serve as leaders on the Student Council. The purpose of the FPES Student Council is to meet with the administrators to help plan events and initiatives to improve the school. Foster Park is excited about the wonderful things going on so far this year and anticipates great things from its Student Council as the year progresses.

November 7, 2018

Foster Park is Reading Its Way to the Big Game


Children’s ability to read is a critical predictor of educational and lifelong success. Parents are encouraged to help establish a strong literacy foundation for their child and support Carolina & Clemson’s championship traditions by participating in the South Carolina Department of Education’s 2018 Read Your Way to the Big Game contest.

All public, private, and homeschool students in pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade who read six books will qualify to win tickets to the Clemson vs. South Carolina game on November 24. Once students have completed their readings, they should turn in the list of books read to their teacher. Winners will receive four tickets and pre-game sideline passes to the Clemson vs. South Carolina game. FPES teachers are currently collecting these reading logs.

Another part of this program is the teacher bulletin board contest. Teachers had to submit pictures of their decorated bulletin boards for a chance to win! The SC Department of Education will award $500 to one teacher and/or school library media specialist who has the best decorated bulletin board, wall or door, using the contest theme of “Read Your Way to the Big Game”. To enter, teachers had to submit their photos by October 22, 2018. They are still awaiting the results.

Foster Park Elementary School is proud to be a school where literacy is at the forefront of all that we do.

Koepke Accepts Principal Challenge


Each year during National Young Readers Week, Pizza Hut challenges principals to choose one day to read their hearts out all day long. Foster Park Elementary School Principal Jason Koepke accepted the challenge. On Monday, November 5th, he set the example of “reading your heart out.” Throughout the day, he could be seen anywhere on campus reading a book. On any given day, Mr. Koepke can be seen helping out anywhere on campus. This day was not any different, except he was helping – while continuing to read. What a wonderful message this sent to the students at FPES! Foster Park truly believes that students who are readers today will be leaders tomorrow. To find out more about the Pizza Hut Book It! Principal Challenge, visit

October 30, 2018

November 2, 2018

A New Look


The Foster Park Elementary School faculty, staff, and students are so excited about some of our school beautification projects that have recently been completed. Our entry way, office window, and attendance clerk’s desk have had makeovers! A special THANK YOU to our wonderful PTO for funding over half of these projects! Remember ... when you join the FPES PTO, you also help our school!!

Teachers Teaching Teachers


The Foster Park Elementary School October Faculty Meeting was led by some of its own teachers. Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Wells, did a brief presentation on analyzing and using STAR Reading Reports to drive instruction. Afterward, third grade teacher, Mrs. Roark and state reading coach, Mrs. Mitchell, shared some information and activities they learned from their Get Your Teach On experience earlier in October. Everyone was engaged and excited to learn new things to implement in their classrooms.

November 1, 2018

Native American Artifacts


The third graders at Foster Park Elementary School are currently studying Native Americans. Recently, several of the teachers brought in authentic Native American artifacts to show their students. The items brought in were: caribou skin, arrowhead necklace, snake spine bracelet, beaver purse, and arrowheads. The students loved looking at these real artifacts. They were able to see what the items really looked and felt like.

Proud Parents and Students


In an effort to celebrate the first nine weeks’ student success at Foster Park Elementary School, the halls were adorned with honor roll and perfect attendance lists. These parents came to pick their children up from the after school program and were caught admiring their children’s names on the lists. Later, a group of after school students were caught doing the same thing. Parents and students alike are extremely proud of their accomplishments! We are excited to see how many names we can add to this list for the second nine weeks. Keep up the good work, Eagles!!!

Edible Hands-On Learning


Students in Mrs. Wells’ fourth grade class at Foster Park Elementary School love hands-on learning ….. with food! Recently, they concluded their study of clouds by making the different types of clouds using marshmallows. In addition, they used Skittles to make multiplication arrays during their multiplication unit. Anytime students can use food to solidify their learning, they love it!

Contractions Surgery


Students in Mrs. Holcombe’s and Mrs. Bishop’s second grade classes at Foster Park Elementary School ended their study of contractions by performing “contractions surgery” in their classroom that was transformed into a “hospital” for the day. The teachers wrote two words on index cards (ex: do and not) and the students had to cut the second word to remove the “O”. Then, they had to use bandaids to correctly spell the contraction. The “stitch” was the apostrophe. What a fun and memorable way to learn about contractions!

October 31, 2018

Life-Long Learning


Ms. Annette Lyles, a fourth grade teacher at Buffalo Elementary School, attended The Science P.L.U.S Institute at the Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville, SC during the summer.  The Institute provides intensive training in activities and science teaching methods to South Carolina science teachers.  All teachers leave the Institute with new skills to teach hands-on activities, 30 hours towards re-certification along with approximately $1,000 worth of science materials for their classroom.

October 31, 2018

Red Ribbon Week


Foster Park Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 22-26, 2018. Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign that educates students and raises awareness to the killing and destruction caused by drugs in America. FPES faculty and staff participated in a week-long spirit week to show their commitment to being drug free.


Monday was “Proud to be Drug Free Day” and everyone wore red to kick off Red Ribbon Week. Tuesday was “Give Drugs the Boot Day” and everyone wore their cowboy wear and boots. Wednesday was “Team Up Against Drugs Day” and everyone wore their favorite team shirts, jerseys, or colors. Thursday was “Make Drugs Disappear Day” and everyone wore camouflage. Friday was “Our School Chooses to be Drug Free Day” and everyone wore FPES blue and orange.


During the week, Lieutenant Eddie Williams from the City of Union Public Safety Office visited K-2 classrooms to discuss the importance of saying no to drugs and alcohol. In addition, Mrs. Mary Owens and Mrs. Josephine McBeth from the Union County Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse visited 3-5 classrooms to discuss the importance of saying no to drugs and alcohol. Nicholas Davis also visited 3-5 classrooms to give his testimony, having been directly affected by drug and alcohol.


Red Ribbon Week is always a fun week at FPES, but most importantly, it is a week where our students are encouraged to make good choices that will help them to live a successful life.

October 30, 2018

Applelicious Learning


Students in Mrs. Kingsmore’s 5K class at Foster Park Elementary School recently completed their 2 week Apple Unit. During this unit, they read numerous books about apples and learned the difference between fiction and nonfiction texts. They used their five senses to explore different types of apples. They made charts and graphs with the data they collected about their favorite type of apple and their favorite apple products. They used one-to-one counting and patterning as well. Coach Minor joined in on the fun with a “climbing the apple tree” activity where the students used their fine motor skills to “pick apples.” They read recipes and measured ingredients to make applesauce one week and apple pies the next. As you can see, Mrs. Kingsmore’s students have been busy, busy, busy, learning about apples!


October 29, 2018

Buffalo Elementary School

1st Quarter Student Recognition



Principal’s Honor Roll

3rd Grade – Kenlee Beaver, Gabriel Carroll, Kady Jean Cathcart, Cole Haney, Melaney Jones, Madison Maness, Jasper Shropshire, Janie Trantham


4th Grade – Gavin Anderson, Raelyn Eller, Nikolas Garner, Charles Gowan, Peyton James, Nezhay Jeter, Sam Murphy, Stella Phillips, Aydan Pridemore, Zyra Rogers, Isabelle Smith, Brooklyn Stevens, Alyssa Vinson


5th Grade – Reid Barnado, Madison Dunaway, Kennedy Ferguson, Kade Griffin, Kyle Johnson, Lillianna Kurtz, Lexi Merchant, Carson Petrie, Daniella Ponce, Jayden Ramos-Perez, Colleen Silvey, Khloie Sims, Tremell Walker, Nathan Weaver


Teacher’s Honor Roll

3rd Grade – Daquentin Beacham, Mariah Edwards, Brayden Howell, Will Kaufman, Harlee Lawson, Anna Grace Lee, Xavier Rufrano, Alona Talley, Kingston Wade, Maliq Walker, Alexis Zeigler


4th Grade – Jaden Campbell, Jonathan Gossett, Lucas Haney, Cassie Karcanes, Christian Lawson, Z’Aire Littlejohn, Izaiah McBride, Corey Millwood, Lila Murphy, Bryant Ochiltree, Will Reeves, Amari Route, Kingston Shippy, Alianna Twing, Taylor Wells


5th Grade – Xander Chapman, Kendra Duncan, Anna Eller, James Gault, Shelby Gilbert, Damija Gist, Gabbie Grant, Carter Hackler, Noelle Head, Aiden Hines, Chad Jeter, Landon Johnson, Aleta Jolly, Ben Kinman, Hayden Lawson, Kaitlyn Lawson, Evan Millwood, Madi Parks, Dylan Peahuff, Jaelyn Porter, Malachi Rice, Joslynn Rufrano, Faith Smith, Tyson Trammell, Matthew Young


Perfect Attendance

4K – Harmony Jeter, Quinnton Mitchell, Weston Seaburg, Logan Suggs, Brayden Wilson


5K – Kjhan Anaya, Malik Austin, Noah Boulware, Cruz Crawford, Isabella Crocker, Nevaeh Gilliam, Ja’Kyon Goode, Haylee Henderson, Alayna Johnson, Lyric Kershaw, Brittany Lowe, Joshua Rash, Makiyan Renwick, Paisley Thomas, Landyn Tucker, Airenee Walker, Bud Willard, Brendan Nasir Withers


1st Grade – Brody Addis, Anna Barnett, Eian Boulware, Landon Bradburn, Natalie Bramlett, Noah Brock, Faith Dean, Ryleigh Gilliam, Zay’Darrius Gray, Ayanna Griffin-Green, Kaylee Lawson, Alyssa Magner, Ariel Palmer, Darshil Patel, Kaden Sims, Kristinna Williams, E’Coryan Young


2nd Grade – Quan Beacham, Makenzie Bishop, Jaxson Burgess, Chloe Davis, Andrew Eller, Jayden Holloway, Adrianna Lipscomb, Aiyanna Napper, Ivey Palmer, Audrey Paris Brown, Isabella Pettie, Adam Sinclair, Mason Suggs, Braydon Riddle, Italy Scott, Layla Steadings, Gia Still, Kindall Thomas


3rd Grade – Kenlee Beaver, Joshua Betsill, Christian Booker, A’Neisa Brown, Xavier Burnett, Lauryn Conway, Ja’Don Garrett, Brianna Gowan, Tyre Hill, Matthew Judy, Anna Grace Lee, Madison Maness, ZyShaun Rogers, Xavier Rufrano, Kailyn Salter, Yatonian Salter, Jemochaine Stinson, Jamir Tucker, Zy’Quez Tucker, Aiden Young, Arden Young, Kingston Wade


4th Grade – Gavin Anderson, Noah Ballard, Bella Bramlett, Hunter Brock, Katie Campbell, Kendrick Constant, Charles Gowan, Nezhay Jeter, Aryah Johnson, Jaylen Kershaw, Destiney Lucre, Kaden Malpass, Corey Millwood, Colton Murphy, Lila Murphy, Sam Murphy, Bryant Ochiltree, Olivia Phillips, Shyann Rakestraw, Kelci Rochester, Brooklyn Stevens, Rihanna Thompson, Tamia Vaughn, Alyssa Vinson, Ryleigh Yarbrough


5th Grade – Reid Barnado, Charles Beard, Zander Campbell, Zion Fields, Christopher Garfias, Damija Gist, Kade Griffin, Aiden Hines, Chad Jeter, Kyle Johnson, Tamia Johnson, Aleta Jolly, Ben Kinman, Kaitlyn Lawson, Jaylen Lee, Keke Lyles, Jace Magner, Evan Millwood, Dylan Peahuff, Daniella Ponce, Jaelyn Porter, Jayden Ramos-Perez, Joslynn Rufrano, Khloie Sims, DeShon Smith, Faith Smith, Makaila Thomas, Kassidy Trammell, Tyson Trammell, Tremell Walker, Nathan Weaver, Najyra White, Kaiysin Young

October 29, 2018

First grade students love to read at BES!
First grade students at Buffalo Elementary have been busy learning sight words.  Teachers have put some fun into learning these words using puzzles, spongy letters, flip sets, white boards, and using the words in context. Children love to 'play with' these sets as they are learning and challenging each other.  We focus on understanding what they are reading rather than focusing on lots of unknown words. They are excited to master the words and learn more words! Mastering the words makes our students feel so much more confident when reading.  We are so proud of their progress!

September 14, 2018--All Union County elementary schools will dismiss at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, September 14th. All middle schools and the high school will dismiss at 1 p.m. There will be no afternoon 4-K classes due to the early dismissal. All students will be provided lunch before school dismisses. No decision has been made yet about the schedule for Monday, September 17.

Foster Park Elementary School

From left:  Parker Northern, Peyton Threadgill, Head Coach Brian Thompson, Chandler Northern, T.T. Kershaw, and Jordan Kershaw

Foster Park Elementary School was showing their school and community spirit Friday, September 7th by hosting some of the Union County Yellow Jacket football players.  Head Coach Brian Thompson and several players came early in the morning to brighten the students’ morning as they helped them out of their cars in the car line. 


Museum About Me

On Friday, August 24, 2018, Mrs. Roark’s third graders at Foster Park Elementary School participated in their classroom Museum About Me. Their homework during the first week of school was to bring in 3-5 objects that told something about themselves by Thursday. During writing time on Thursday, they wrote descriptions on index cards about each of the objects they brought in. On Friday, all of their objects were set out on their desks like they would be in a museum. When they came in from recess, they walked around “the museum” and learned some interesting facts about their classmates. Everyone enjoyed learning about their classmates!


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Science Fun

Students in Mrs. Kingsmore’s 5K class at Foster Park Elementary School had so much fun making observations with a real coconut using their five senses. This was such a fun way to practice their science skills after reading a kindergarten favorite, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault.

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